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How do I log-in to LakeGreenhaven.org?

To log-in use your user ID with @lakegreenhaven.org (Example: "userid@lakegreenhaven.org") and your password.

How do I see a particular document?

Once you are in the documents section (http://docs.lakegreenhaven.org/) you should be able to see all of the documents that are available to every lakegreenhaven.org member. If you cannot see a document that you know you should be able to see, try clicking the "Search lakegreenhaven.org Docs" button. You do not need to have any values in the seach box. This should refresh your view of all lakegreenhaven.org documents.

Would a password manager help?

Each of these are very good. They all save your user names and passwords securely. They each have large user bases and are very well supported.

LastPass is free. They do have a small yearly subscription fee for mobile devices and some extras. It does offer multi-factor authentication. This is more secure, however it does require you to do more to use it. LastPass allows me to access all my passwords at work or home or from my phone. The library of passwords are kept at the LastPass web site. They are encrypted and not available to any LastPass people.

1Password charges for each variation of the software, i.e. Mac, Windows or mobile platform. This is also the most polished of all the password managers I have tried. If you have DropBox, you can use 1Password like LastPass. The library of passwords are kept on your computer and are encrypted.

Keepass is Open Source. It is free. It has a very large audience and should have a very long life. Open Source security software generally has the advantage of being openly tested for it's security.

I use LastPass everyday and really enjoy knowing my passwords are easy to access and secure. If you have any questions please ask.

--LGA Web Administrator